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Les Horizons

A curious and responsible youth

What are we talking about ? Soil pedology? From the winemaker’s point of view? What if we told you about both! We imagined a duo by working our soils and tasting our berries. The Château Renard “Grés des Combes” and the “Argile Fauve” have very different promises, from suppleness to power.
This tandem invite a 3rd personality, crunchy and delicious; Château Renard “Goût Pile”, no added sulphur.

Château RENARD « Grès des Combes » Fronsac

Born from a selection of plots, Château Renard “Grès des combes” « Grès des Combes » is produced on “Sables de Renard”, emblematic soil of our vineyard. From the top of our hillsides, this wine expresses itself with finesse, suppleness and roundness.

  • GRAPE VARIETY 100% Merlot
  • MATURITY1-4 years
  • AGING 5-10 years
  • PRODUCTION10 000 bottles

Château RENARD « Argile Fauve » Fronsac

A new cuvée in plot selection : Château Renard “Argile Fauve”. “. It comes from the clay-limestone soils of our hillsides. It is the layers of clay glowing in the setting sun that have baptized it …
A full-bodied, powerful, aromatic Fronsac with respected maturity..

  • GRAPE VARIETY 100% Merlot
  • MATURITY3 à 5 years
  • AGING5 à 10 years
  • PRODUCTION15 000 bottles

Château renard « Gout Pile» Fronsac

Le “Goût Pile” du Château Renard a novelty…
Our cuvée without added sulfur lives up to its name: sincere, fresh, natural wine. He expresses everything from his youth. A true, straightforward, whole wine. Simply wine !

  • GRAPE VARIETY 100% Merlot
  • AGING1 à 3 years
  • PRODUCTION6 000 bottles

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