Renard soil

On our lands of Château Renard it is necessary to distinguish 2 types of grounds and under grounds: 


In the Est sector and on the hillside of Renard, as its name indicates it, the soil is composed by the " Sand of Fox ", a calcareous sand on molasse of Fronsadais, typical of the village of La Rivière.

By some called also " sand with rabbit ", this white soil is adapted to the culture of the vineyard and this is the soil on which wine-plants suffer most: produced wines are characteristic, flexible and of a big delicacy, they have not the same concentration as on the other part of the vineyard but assure the cuvée blending a big nobility.
On the West part, the argilo-limestones prevail: the proportion of clay is variable but the fragmented selection and the experience allow assemblies refined according to the maturities. More fleshy, these obtained wines are very "FRONSAC" and have an expression, a concentration which give to the Château Renard its distinction.
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