Libournais is the earth of the  MERLOT, FRONSAC is one of the designation the most deserving of this generous vine,
Château Renard is widely planted with Merlot: according to years it is 80 in 90 % of the assembly of Château Renard Vintage Mondésir.
The CABERNET FRANC establishes the skeleton, the "vertebral column" of this FRONSAC it is the happy complement to the MERLOT.
Furthermore in 2017, a plot of land was transplanted with CABERNET SAUVIGNON. And this will enter the cuvee blending from the vintage wines 2021/2022.

Respect for our landscapes
The notion of respect for our landscapes of FRONSAC and our environment is essential at "Châteaux Renard".
Even if the « Château Renard » has never applied for a "organic" certification, our ethics it is concrete and for a long time:
- No application of weed-killers since 1998: it was then the prehistory of the mechanical work of grounds …
It was difficult but we made it while few wine growers thought about it..
Treatment applied of the wine-making and wine-producing effluents
Phytosanitary products in constant connection with the regulations and the weather forcast and for the greater part "organic" (copper and sulfur). This is the notion of vine growing qualified as « reasoned ».
Fertilizer and amendments exclusively " usable in organic farming
In 2012 plantation of hedges for the conservation of the auxiliary fauna
In 2018 digging of a puddle fed by a source for migratory birds.
Project of installation of nest boxes
Château Renard – La Rivière, 33126 Fronsac – Tél : +33 (0)6 80 70 67 82


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