Heathers correziennes in the vineyard

At first in 1978, after some technical studies and a first experience at the Saint-Émilion’s
family vineyard is born the will to produce my own wine but not wherever: in Libournais.

Then: Saint Emilion, Lalande de Pomerol either Fronsac?

The opportunities appear and it is finally at La Rivière,where our interest goes: a neglected property , a site of south hillsides / the very attractive western South, the beautyfull Girondist house from the beginning of the 18th and a sandy–clay soil which offers beautiful possibilities …

The Château Renard
The Château Renard is going to be reborn! With the restoration progressive of the plots of land, vineyards, wine storehouses and the house …
A challenge to be raised! In the family it had almost become one tradition. My rear grandparents and grandparents had been already challenged by leaving the high Corrèze, to sell wines of Libournais in Belgium and in the North of France.
Xavier Chassagnoux
My grandfather Amédée and Pierre my father challenge themselves by by restoring , in the end of the 50s in Saint Emilion's vineyard; the Castle JEANS VOISINS. They use their knowledge to produce their first vintage wines.
Naturally in 1978 by following their tracks, I became the wine grower of the family.
Almost 40 years to be at one with this vineyard and put forward its numerous facets: no unique recipe applied to the desire, but a multitude of details which, managed some with the others, allowed in Château Renard to become one of the great wines of Fronsac designation
It was necessary to give a style, an identity in our wine. This country , those magnificent "coasts" associated to our will to do always better, make Château Renard and of its successive vintage wines a happiness for the amateurs.
Château Renard – La Rivière, 33126 Fronsac – Tél : +33 (0)6 80 70 67 82